Fiberglass Forklift Tanks

The future of propane starts here. In addition to providing traditional steel or aluminum cylinders, we are the exclusive vendor of fiberglass propane tanks on the West Coast. These fiberglass tanks are 50% lighter than traditional steel tanks, safer, and are easier to gauge fuel levels with their translucent bodies. Our state-of-the-art fiberglass tanks, are constructed with a mixture of fibers and plastic resin which reduce the risk of explosion. These tanks are the ideal solution for your residential, commercial or forklift propane needs.

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Aluminum/Steel Forklift Tanks

Made of durable steel and aluminum, our traditional propane cylinder tanks make having fuel on hand convenient and safe.

Outdoor Patio Heaters

We offer heater rentals, heaters for sale, heater maintenance, and other heater services for your home or business through our heater-specific wholly-owned subsidiary company, Heaterz. We offer mushroom and pyramid heaters that come in stainless steel or bronze color.


While we love propane, sometimes our customers need firewood for their fireplaces, fire pits, home pizza ovens, camp or beach fires, and more. We offer firewood bundles for your home or business. Call to inquire about deliveries and pricing on bulk orders!


Whether it's for a residential party, a large fundraiser, or a local business, we provide ice bags and blocks for your home or business. We offer ice blocks and either 20lb or 40lb bags. Call to inquire about deliveries and pricing!


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