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Our state-of-the-art fiberglass tanks are the best option to fuel your business. With their long-lasting power, lower operational costs, and easy maintenance, use, and storage, our fiberglass forklift propane tanks will keep your business running more efficiently.

Helping your business run
smarter and safer.

HB Propane is all about safety.

Fiberglass tanks hold the best safety record in the industry. Their composition withstands a burst pressure that is twice as high as their steel counterparts. As a result, in a fire, the plastic parts of the cylinder will melt, and the gas will release safely, avoiding explosions from pressure build-up.

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Why Choose HB Propane?

Lower Operational

HB Propane Fiberglass tanks are lighter and rust-free, eliminating refurbishment costs and reducing logistics costs.


We offer a variety of cage sizes to fit your needs! Please call to inquire.


Our exclusive, fiberglass tanks are well-crafted and will never rust or deteriorate.

Easy Maintenance &

The translucent body allows you to see the fuel level, so you can monitor your fuel and never run out.


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